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The need of the hour for every school is an effective communication with the student parents. They look for all the latest happenings of their child at school. Parents need to keep a tab of their child’s progress. Parents need to have a higher engagement rate with the schools so that they can have complete information about their child. Every school and parent need a better app for the effective parent and teacher communication, so that there will not be any hiccups in near future.

There are number of apps available in the market and most of our customers frequently ask some questions like, which app they should opt for? In our previous article we have clearly mentioned that the top 10 reasons to choose VinHaze ( #schoolapp & #parentsapp) for their school. Now, let us discuss the best aspects of VinHaze Parent app below.

Parent App- Effective School APP For Parents
Parent App- Effective School APP

With VinHaze, A single app that teachers & schools can communicate effectively to the parents. It is easy to keep parents informed about their children activities and happenings at school. Parents get to know all the latest happenings at their child’s school with the parents app. An important aspect or the major feature of the VinHaze-ParentApp, is that you can track the school bus location of your child from anywhere & anytime. This shows that you need not worry about your child transportation movement.

VinHaze has been the most trusted brand for the parent communication app for the schools in India. With the parents app, school and parents can have real time insights and information about the student. Parents communication is one of the most important factors for the School and we make it simple and secure. The best, top rated parent & teacher communication app in India is VinHaze. We have proven track record on the success rates.

We believe in 4C- Connect, Coordinate, Convey & Communicate are the most important and necessary factors for any parent and teacher communication app. With our parent app you can easily connect and coordinate with the school teachers and have Real time insights about your child. For every student to be successful the two most important factors are Parents and Teachers. So, it is necessary to have a perfect co-ordination of parents with teachers to get the best results for their child.

With our expertise and market research we have understood that most of the parents are dissatisfied with the mode of school communication with them. And, with this digital transformation era, nobody is finding time to attend the parent teacher meetings which is really an important part of child’s school life cycle. Hence there creates a communication gap with parents about the child’s information. We at VinHaze make sure that parents should get the complete information about their child’s progress at school with the streamlined and agile mobile app. With our mobile app for parents available on both the major platforms like Android and iOS you can have the better communication from the school team.

Our parents app is available both on android and iOS platforms. Our mobile apps have both the demo and registration process available. You can download the parents app from Google play store and App Store as well for iPhone/iPads. VinHaze is the best parent mobile app for an effective communication of parent and teacher.

For more information about the parents app and School Management System, Get in touch with our team today.

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Priyank Acharya

This is an informative post. Got a lot of info and details from here. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to reading more of your post.

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