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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose VinHaze For Your School.

School management system is an important element for every school to manage the administration activities efficiently. School Management system is not only to streamline the processes even it helps the school administration to stay connected with the student parents. So that they can communicate effective messages to the student’s parent whenever required. There are number of school management software available in the market and you might be confused about the right one to choose. So, we thought that you should know the 10 Reason to buy VinHaze the best school management system for your school.

VinHaze is a school management ERP designed and developed with a lot of careful considerations and feedback from the domain expertise. These experienced professionals has helped us to understand the exact need of the domestic and international schools based on the educational systems and processes. We have understood each and every minute details perfectly and have come with the best school management system for the schools with the parents app on mobiles for an effective communication management.

10 reasons to choose the best schoolapp VinHaze
10 reasons to choose school app VinHaze

Let us discuss the 10 major reasons to choose VinHaze for your School App:

1. 12+ Years of Trust and Reliable product. - More than 12 years of proven track record of successful implementation of the School ERP in 100+ schools managing 3,00,000+ students. We have implemented the product in most of the premium international schools. Where the norms and guidelines are very stringent to buy a product. But, we have a success record in doing that.

2. More than 15 modules in one software. - An ERP which has more than 15 modules at one stop. The modules like Student management, Staff management, Administration, academics, accounting, payroll and list goes on. We are still working on to add advanced modules and guidelines to our software. This shows that, We never stop in improving our product.

3. Successful deployment in more than 100 schools: As discussed in the earlier points, Deployed the cloud-based product in more than 100 schools and desktop application in more than 500 schools. We can proudly say that our clients are happy with our product features, updates and support.

4. Complete Cloud based ERP: We adapt the advanced technology for our product quickly. We understand the importance of new technologies requirement for a school. Our School management ERP is completely based on cloud solutions. Hosted on Microsoft Azure platform for Safety and security.

5. Parents Mobile app: We believe that for every school parents communication is an important aspect. Every parent need to know their children information & happenings at school. Our parents mobile app will help both the parents and school management to stay connected and have an efficient communication. Our parents app are available both on Android & iOS.

6. Matchless after sales support: We believe that we are not done with our job once the product implementation is done. We understand the importance of after sales support and we believe that we are very strong on those parameters. We provide support levels on various scales and packages with a round the clock availability.

7. Cost efficient and Value for money product: Our product pricing and package is in par with the industry standard pricing. Even though we have number of modules and features with advanced technology in it, we believe that having a nominal pricing can meet most of school’s requirement.

8. Secured online School management system: Security is what we pledge very strongly with our product. Our product is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform. The renowned name in the cloud computing solutions. Even we work from our end to give the utmost security layers for the product, so that your data will be safe, secured and confidential.

9. Ease of use: The major point to choose VinHaze is that, there is no need of any high technicality skills to handle or use the product. Any one who are familiar with internet and computer can use our product.*

10. End to end school management ERP.: As rightly mentioned in the above points that the product has advanced technologies, More than 15 modules at one stop, proven track record of successful product implementation, Parents Mobile app on both the platforms and more over still working on new features. This makes VinHaze a complete end to end school management system. That you can vouch on.

For more information about the product, Free demo and other details reach us at

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Priyank Acharya
Priyank Acharya
May 06, 2019

Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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