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Case Studies for VinHaz School Management System

Complete control over management and administration of schools

Veveaham Group of Schools

The Veveaham group runs four different categories of schools inside a single campus. Two state board and two CBSE schools. Also providing hostel facilities for boys and girls. The schools are transporting students daily from a distance of about 40 km radius with more than 80 vehicles.


On hostel visitor’s day, more than 600 parents are paying the school fee and hostel fee at multiple counters using VinHaze with no trouble within a half day.

The management can monitor the 360-degree performance of each student with VinHaze school management system.

Timetable framing for all sections is completed in a day with VinHaze School Management Software. Staff attendance is marked in different buildings simultaneously using biometric systems placed in multiple locations. All the biometric systems are synchronized with VinHaze School App, so it is very easy to do the staff substitution for absentees.

With all attendance, leave, joining and vacate details in the VinHaze database, the payroll calculation is only a matter of 10 minutes every month.

Veveaham schools are communicating with parents effectively using SMS and email system integrated with VinHaze School app. 

Parents can get all the necessary information in time with VinHaze Mobile App and parent web app integrated with VinHaze school management system.


Veveaham group of schools using VinHaze school management system from the year of 2006 to running all the management and administrative operations successfully.



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