VinHaze is complete management and administration software for schools on cloud integrated with a Mobile App for parents on both Android and iOS.

Why VinHaze

        VinHaze is a software system that involved in the real-time experience of several years since 2006.


It first implemented in 2006 as a desktop application. A variety of institutions like schools with thousands of students, premium residential schools, schools with thousands in the hostel is using this system for administration and management.


It is regularly updating the functionalities to meet the demands of changes in statutory requirements and feedbacks from users. It can be adapted to all kind of institutions.  

  • 12+ Years of Trust and Reliable product.

  • 3,00,000+ students managed.

  • More than 18 modules in one software.

  • Successful deployment in 100+ schools. 

  • Complete Cloud based ERP.

  • Mobile app for mobility access.

  • Excellent after sales support. 

  • Cost efficient and Value for money product. 

  • Secured online School management system.

  • Ease of use. 

  • End to end school management ERP.

What makes VinHaze different?

The biggest difference is its user experience. People with no knowledge of Information Technology can implement VinHaze. Any person who is familiar with keyboard and mouse can use it. Intuitive user interfaces and reports make VinHaze a joyful experience.