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VinHaze: Pioneering School Management and Administration Software run on cloud or desktop.

Why Choose VinHaze? 

Historical Excellence: Debuting in 2006 as a desktop application, VinHaze has evolved with the dynamic needs of educational institutions, making it a trusted choice for over 15 years.

Adaptive Design: From day schools hosting thousands of students to premium residential institutions, VinHaze meets the diverse management needs across the board.


Real-time Evolution: Functionality updates are driven by regulatory changes and invaluable user feedback, ensuring VinHaze remains the forefront choice for modern institutions.

Key Statistics & Features:​

  • Trusted by pioneer schools since 2006.

  • Successfully managing hundreds of thousands of students.

  • Comprehensive: All integrated modules.

  • Cloud-based ERP system.

  • Top-tier post-sales support.

  • Best value for money and return on investment.

  • Robust online security measures.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Comprehensive end-to-end management solution.

What Sets VinHaze Apart?

Our primary distinction lies in the unmatched user experience. VinHaze is crafted to be intuitively

user-friendly. Even those with limited IT knowledge find navigating through its features a breeze. If you're acquainted with a keyboard and mouse, you're ready for VinHaze. Experience a software solution that’s not just functional but also joyful.


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