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School Management System

The Best online school management system on cloud with school and parents mobile app VinHaze. Top rated school app with advanced technologies.

Modules - School Management System

VinHaze is a secure and reliable software which has gained trust of more than 100+ customers and managed more than 3,00,000+ students. VinHaze is a top rated and best school management software on cloud which has been meeting the required needs of customers. Be it a small school or a large student number-based schools you need to have an efficient and effective school management system to manage the end to end school management activities, Hence VinHaze.

VinHaze have more than 18 modules under its belt. Be it administration, admission, student management, staff management or accounting management, our school management software is ready to meet your needs on time. With advanced technologies such as cloud and mobile app solutions VinHaze have been delivering best results for their clients. An end to end school management ERP which is secured, safe and certified is what you will always look for your school. So there is no point that you can take a backstep to choose VinHaze for your school.

Complete School Management ERP


  • Manage Institutions

  • Academic Year Settings

  • Creating user roles

  • Create New User

  • Change Password​

  • School Details

  • Class And Sections

  • Import data

Student Management

  • Student Registration 

  • Parent Information

  • Sibling information

  • Student Photo

  • Quick entry of details

  • Update profile from Mobile App

  • Leave Application from Mobile App

  • Change Admission Number

  • Class Register

  • Student Attendance

  • Remarks

  • Student TC

  • Issue or Cancel TC

  • Student Promotion

Timetable & Lesson Planning

  • Subject Master

  • Subject Assignment

  • Time Table 

  • Syllabus

  • Syllabus Details

  • Lesson Planning

  • Lesson Tracking


  • Arts and Sports

  • Clubs management 

  • House Management

  • Indoor and outdoor activities​


  • Stop and Stages Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • Trip Management

  • Vehicle Admission Management

  • Trip Register

  • Fuel Register

  • Renewals Management

  • Vehicle Maintenance

Health Care

  • Pharmacy Supplier Master

  • Pharmacy Item Master

  • Pharmacy Purchase Order

  • Pharmacy Purchase 

  • Pharmacy Purchase Return

  • Pharmacy Sales

  • Pharmacy Sales Return

  • Delete Pharmacy Bill

  • Pharmacy Stock Draw

  • Vaccination Master

  • Student Health History

  • Pharmacy Case Sheet

  • Pharmacy General Checkup

Canteen Management

  • Supplier Master

  • Item Master​

  • Purchase Order

  • Purchase 

  • Purchase Return

  • Sales

  • Delete Bill

  • Menu Master​

  • Daily Menu

  • Hostel Stock Draw

  • Mess Attendance​

Staff Management

  • Staff Profile

  • Staff Qualification

  • Staff Experience

  • Staff Duty Schedule Management

  • Staff Duty Adjustments

  • Work Calendar​

Fee Management

  • School Fee

  • Hostel Fee

  • Transportation Fee

  • Club Fee

  • Fee Groups

  • Bill Book Management​

  • Fee Discount

  • Late Payment Fine

  • Extra Fee

  • Fee Collection​

  • Print Receipt

  • Delete Or Modify Receipt

  • Fee Refund​

  • ePayment


  • Exam Scheduling

  • Mark Entry

  • Academic Grades

  • CBSE Report Card

  • State Board Report Card

  • Homework​

Hostel Management (Boys and Girls)

  • Hostel Admission

  • Hostel Calendar

  • Hostel Attendance​

Store Management

  • Store Supplier Master

  • Store Item Master

  • Store Purchase Order

  • Store Purchase 

  • Store Purchase Return

  • Store Sales

  • Store Sales Return

  • Delete Store Bill

  • Store Stock Draw

  • Class Pack Creation

  • Class Pack Sales

Mess Management

  • Mess Supplier Master

  • Mess Item Master​

  • Purchase Order

  • Purchase 

  • Purchase Return

  • Sales

  • Delete Bill

  • Menu Master​

  • Daily Menu

  • Hostel Stock Draw

  • Mess Attendance​


  • App Settings

  • Communication

  • Circulars

  • News

  • Open House

  • App Notification

  • Leave Application

  • Homework information​