VinHaze Mobile App for Parents

Parents need to have the maximum information about their child and school activities, which is an important aspect for the school management to look for. With VinHaze, one app that teachers & schools can communicate effectively to the parents. It is really easy to keep parents informed about their children activities at school. Parents get to know all the latest happenings at your child’s school with the parents app. An important aspect or the major feature of the VinHaze-ParentApp, is that you can track the school bus location of your child from anywhere & anytime.

VinHaze has been the most trusted brand for the parent communication app for the schools in India. With the parents app, school and parents can have real time insights and information about the student. Parents communication is one of the most important factors for the School and we make it simple and secure. With our expertise and market research we have understood that most of the parents are dissatisfied with the mode of school communication with them. And, with this digital transformation era, nobody is finding time to attend the parent teacher meetings which is really an important part of child’s school life cycle. Hence there creates a communication gap with parents about the child’s information. We at VinHaze make sure that parents should get the complete information about their child’s progress at school with the streamlined and agile mobile app.   

Parent App - A School App for Parents

VinHaze Mobile App iPhone
VinHaze Mobile App
VinHaze Mobile App iPhone
VinHaze Mobile App

Student Information 

• Student and Parent Profile 

• Update Student and Parent Profile 
• Attendance (Daily, Academic Year summary) 
• Timetable 
• Exam Timetable 
• Examination Mark list 
• Homework 
• Health details 
• Student Conduct (Appreciations and Complaints) 
• Achievements (Co-Curricular Activities, Arts, Sports)

Communication with school


• Leave Application 
• Communication with school (School can set channels like To Management, To the Class teacher, To Principal etc. as per requirement) 

General information


• School calendar 
• Hostel Calendar 
• Daily Food Menu 
• Bus Stops 

Communication with parents

• Open House/PTA Meeting Schedule
• Circular (With file attachment option) 
• News (With file attachment option) 
• Notifications 



Fee Payment


• Fee Payment History

• Fee Payment


OTP registration with the mobile number in the school database
OTP registration with the mobile number in the school database
Integrated with Timetable and Report Card generation
Information about siblings in a single App. 
Sending the notifications to All/Class wise/Individual.
Web-based interface to manage the mobile app.

How to use VinHaze® Mobile App for Parents


 How to use VinHaze® Mobile App as Demo