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VinHaze School Management System Demo

How to Install?

Click on "DOWNLOAD": Find the "DOWNLOAD" link on this page and click it.

Download the File: After clicking, a file named "" will start downloading.

Unzip the File: Once the download is complete, find the file on your computer. Right-click on "" and choose the option to unzip or extract it.

Install the Software: After unzipping, you will see a file named "VinHazeSetup.exe". Right-click on this file and choose "Run as Administrator" to start the installation.

Find the Icon: Once installed, a new icon called "VinHaze" will appear on your desktop.

How to Use?

Open the Software: Double-click on the "VinHaze" icon on your desktop to open the software.

Use Demo Credentials: The software will open with a username and password already entered for a demo user.

Log In: Click the "OK" button to log into the software and start exploring its features.

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